Observatören is a new photography book by Emanuel Cederqvist. The photos were taken in Sarek National Park in northern Sweden, where it is usually described as Sweden's last wilderness. On a walk beyond the beaten path, it may take days before you meet someone.


Don't miss out on the two upcoming events in Norway and Sweden to pick up a copy of Observatören and have it signed by the photographer and author Emanuel Cederqvist!


10 September - FOTOBOKFESTIVAL OSLO 2016

22 September - FOTOBOK GBG (Gothenburg)


At a plateau at 1830 metre altitude, just below Pårtetjåkkås peak, lies the weather station Cederqvist visited and photographed. The weather station was built by Axel Hamberg and was completed in 1914. During 1914-1918 the station was inhabited by two weather observers who performed precise measurements of the weather around the clock. In 1917, an accident occurred at the weather station in Pårtetjåkkå and one of the observers disappeared in a snowstorm. The accident remains a mystery, and the body was never recovered.  Because of the site's inaccessible geographical position, the station and the abandoned measuring instruments remained untouched for over a hundred years. 


Humans have always tried to control and understand nature.Through this book, Cederqvist examines the gap between chance and the predictable, between the immeasurable and measurable.




Letter to my dear wins a Silver Egg!

Brev till mitt kära/Letter to my dear has won a coveted Silver Egg in the category of Identity Design by Guldägget award 2016! Huge congrats to Lennart Grebelius, Björn Engström and Anders Eklind as well!


Watch the presentation of the book with reading by the author and check out the official winner's page here.


As always, you can pick up this title and others through the order page.



The third edition of Stockholm Art Book Fair brings together Scandinavian and international publishers focusing on art, theory and aesthetics to share ideas and insights, as well as present their latest publications. Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing is proud to be one of the organisers and an exhibitor at the fair this year!


Stockholm Art Book Fair promotes cooperation and exchange between publishing houses, while strengthening the position of publishers who focus on art, theory, and aesthetics.  Stockholm Art Book Fair is produced by Art and Theory Publishing, Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing and, Link Image and supported by the City of Stockholm.


We warmly welcome you to visit the this year's fair taking place at Mindepartementet on Skeppsholmen, a beautiful and historical part of the city. Don't forget to check out the discussion with Kristina Bength and Ceclia Darle about the lastest book Rummets Rymder 1974 at the fair on Sunday, 2 October at 14:00!



30 September - 2 October

Opening Hours 
11:00-17:00 daily.

Mindepartementet, Slupkjulsvägen 26 C 
114 49 Stockholm

Free admission

UPCOMING RELEASE! Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition

'Allborgarrätten' is a newly coined concept that promises to be the urban equivalent of the rural, traditional Swedish 'allemansrätten’ – everyman's right to roam freely in nature. The rural right is one most Swedes know by heart, even though they now live in cities. Through the Nordic lens, Rydén explores themes like the right to the city, national identity and connects it to a larger global discourse. Along with this verbal exploration Jan Rydén has created a series of pictograms, a pictorial grammar of sorts, which follows its own poetic logic. The book is set to be launched in September 2016, in both English and Swedish.


'Allborgarrätten' är den nya urbana motsvarigheten till allemansrätten. Ordet är skapat av den svenske konstnären Jan Rydén. I essäboken Allborgarrätten: Försök till en urban allemansrätt undersöker han idén och knyter an till en internationell diskussion om rätten till staden. Parallellt med texten har Rydén skapat en serie piktogram som följer en egen poetisk logik. Boken publiceras på både svenska och engelska.


SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE: €25 (€30 original price)


300 pages


Pre-order you copy at info[a]  


New Release! Contemporary Danish Illustration

We are excited to announce the launch of Contemporary Danish Illustration! Initiated by We are all in this together (WAAITT), 32 of the most talented illustrators active in Denmark today are represented through interviews and beautifully colourful spreads of their work.


Come and celebrate this new book on 19 November at DANSK. For videos and the complete list of the featured illustrators, visit


New Release: Contemporary Sami Art and Design

This book is the first international presentation of contemporary artists and designers in the Sápmi region, an area spanning northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern Russia. Sami traditions, both historically and from today, are inspirational sources for these contemporary artists and designers. This book presents works produced by 35 leading artists, both established and emerging – a reference book for anyone with an interest in expressions of contemporary art and design from Sápmi. Pre-order here.

New Release: Anton Alvarez – Thread Wrapping Machine


The book details the artist's development of a machine that spins thousands of metres of brightly coloured thread around pieces of wood and metal to join them, producing solid benches, stools and lamps. Most recently, this process has been expanded to include architectural installations like the kind exhibited at Gustavsbergs Konsthall. Edited by Julie Cirelli and with art direction by Aron Kulander-Östling, this beautiful clothbound limited edition book includes texts by UglyCute founder Andreas Nobel and legendary British artist and curator Richard Wentworth, with photography by Gustav Almestål, James Champion, Katrin Greiling, Paul Plews, Casper Sejersen, Vincent Skoglund and Märta Thisner. Order the book here. 

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Release at DAC


See the Light Talk at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Svante Pettersson, "the lighting evangelist" and author of See the Light, is on the cover of Hemljus! You can order this inspirational book today or pick up a copy at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.


Don't forget to check out his lecture during the fair on 12 February and get the book signed!