The third volume in the esteemed Nordic Architects series focuses on the global impact of urbanization and the escalating climate crisis. Architects all over the world face the challenge of creating buildings and cities that are sustainable and inclusive. The ability to respond to the challenges will define the architecture of the 21st century and foster a new wave of innovative and critical designs. This has particular resonance in the world's northernmost regions, where many look to find benchmarks of urban innovation and problem-solving through quality design.

Edited by Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss, this book presents the Nordic region's foremost architectural practices through original images of iconic works and insightful conversations with each architectural office. Included in the book are projects from 60 Nordic architecture studios, among them Bjarke Ingels Group, Reiulf Ramstad, Snøhetta and Tham & Videgård.



Language: English

Author: Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss

No. of pages: 528

Format: 210 x 260 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: December 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-26-5

Retail price: 58 EUR

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture


The work of the Swedish architects Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky represent sustainable solutions and innovative design at its best. Central to their many projects is the belief that they can contribute to solving the challenges we face from climate-threats, tecnological development and urbanisation.


Building a better planet is no small ambition, yet Kjellgren and Kaminsky are at the same time practising architecture in a disarmingly casual and modest way, thus bringing together large-scale ambition with small-scale attention to detail.

In this first monograph on their work, Kjellgren and Karminsky summarize the first ten years of their partnership in the form of a selection of some of their most important projects, such as Öijared Hotel, Kollastaden School, Lecor HQ, Strandbaden Dancehall, the Vallastaden Plus Energy-Building, the Rosendal Apartment Building and the Neden area.



Language: English

Texts: Christer Larsson, Hans Ibelings, Ylva Frid

Design: Studio Moss

No. of pages: 256

Format: 195 x 260 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: December 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-61-6

Retail price: 41 EUR


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Odd Nerdrum - Making Painting Great Again


Making Painting Great Again by Odd Nerdrum is a richly illustrated book with texts by philosopher Carl Wegner Korsnes and Odd Nerdrum himself.


"Painting as a discipline is ruined; It’s time to make painting great again." Thus sounds the masterful painter’s philosophy, and these are his appeal points: First and foremost, the painter is a craftsman, in addition, the painter should seek what is always relevant. 

Nerdrum’s idea of making painting great again means reintroducing a quality concept. Again, one should be allowed to say, "I've made something wonderful, and I'm proud of it." It is no coincidence that Aristotle is the thinker who has most influenced the kitsch philosophy. He claims that craft has its utility and value as a means of mediation. Mimesis, or representation, is of value, not only because one finds joy and insight in recognizing a motif, but because one can recreate action in a painting. All human feelings take form in action. Stories that utilize familiar scenes and archetypal situations are, according to Aristotle, of the greatest value, because they are expressions of the universal.

Odd Nerdrum gives the discipline of painting back to the people. Art is for the sake of Art. Kitsch, however, is for humans. Removing the intrinsic values of art makes painting a tangible phenomenon again. The feeling of usefulness will return and thus the valuation. Painting is lifted to old heights. Painting will be great again.

Carl Wegner Korsnes



Language: English

Texts: Carl Wegner Korsnes & Odd Nerdrum

Graphic Design: Öde Spildo Nerdrum

No. of pages: 176

Format: 278 x 253 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: November 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-60-9

Retail price: 56 EUR



Good Buildings on a Small Planet


Good Buildings on a Small Planet portrays eight Danish architectural firms that are creating new architecture where sustainability is not simply a question of consuming less, but also about giving more. More beauty. More meaning. More community. What is a good building on a small planet? How can we create a rich, humanist architecture that is built on a profound respect for local as well as global resources? Good Buildings on a Small Planet presents eight different answers that are framed by thoughts, ideas and new architecture. The introductory essay written by author Rasmus Rune Nielsen discusses the contribution of architecture to a sustainable development and lays out a humanist approach to sustainable architecture. The architects portrayed are Lendager Group, GXN, C.F. Møller Architects, Vandkunsten, EFFEKT, Henning Larsen Architects, SLA and Tredje Natur (Third Nature).


Et godt hus på en lille planet portrætterer otte danske arkitektvirksomheder, der skaber ny arkitektur, hvor bæredygtighed både handler om at forbruge mindre og om at give mere. Mere skønhed. Mere mening. Mere fællesskab. Hvad er et godt hus på en lille planet? Hvordan skaber vi en rig og menneskelig arkitektur, der bygger på en fundamental omsorg for både lokale og globale ressourcer? Bogen giver otte forskellige svar, der bliver formuleret i tanker, holdninger og ny arkitektur. Det indledende essay diskuterer arkitekturens bidrag til en bæredygtig udvikling og skitserer en humanistisk tilgang til bæredygtig arkitektur. 



Language: English/Danish

Editor: Rasmus Rune Nielsen

Graphic Design: Britt Gundersen, Signe Bjerregaard

No. of pages: 240

Format: 200 x 255 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: November 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-89-0 (eng)

ISBN: 978-91-87543-88-3 (dan)

Retail price: 44 EUR


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LARS JONSSON & KENT ULLBERG Måleri och skulptur


The two Swedish artists are presented together for the first time in a spe-cial double-book format, in connection with their exhibition at Millesgården. Kent Ullberg and Lars Jonsson are kindred spirits in their mutual love for animals; birds in Lars Jonsson’s case and for Kent Ullberg it is the larger animals on land and in the sea. In pursuit of their passion, they went against the grain, in opposition to the prevailing art trends and developed similar approaches to their art. To show the paintings of Lars Jonsson side-by-side Kent Ullberg’s sculptures in a joint exhibition is not only a landmark in their independent careers but also a culmination of deep respect for one another.



Language: English and Swedish

Text: Onita Wass, Marika Wachtmeister, Anders Bergmark

Graphic design: Lars Fuhre

No. of pages: 96 + 96

Format: 204 x 254 mm

Binding: Softcover

Publication date: July 2017

ISBN 978-91-87543-58-6 (2 books in one package)

Retail price: 26 EUR



Adventures in Conceptualism explores the method of concept-based architecture through a series of conversations with some of the world’s leading architects and urbanists. From offices such as Snøhetta, BIG, NL Architects and Danish HLA, the production of formal diversity shows an apparent devotion to a free and experimental practice, cutting across regional differences and stylistic modes. Every new project seems to conceptually reinvent the architectural language, responding to specific programmatic and contextual conditions.



Language: English

Author: Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss

No. of pages: 232

Format: 170 x 240 mm

Binding: Softcover

Publication date: May 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-40-1

Retail price: 34 EUR



In Whispering Void, artist Joakim Eneroth explores the nature of the mind from a Western psychological perspective combined with contemporary neuroscience. It is a continued examination of the theme, which was investigated in his previous art project Short Stories of the Transparent Mind from an Eastern philosophical point of view. In Whispering Void, Eneroth reveals the deeper subconscious layers of experience, the dance of notions and perceptions in the fluctuating mind. The questions often revolve around how to distinguish the mental projections of the mind from reality itself.


Joakim Eneroth, born 1969, is an internationally established artist whose work is represented in the collections of the Tate Modern in London, Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, MEP in Paris, and Moderna Museet in Stockholm, among others. Awareness and mind are the themes that unite Eneroth’s protean work. With each new series, the artist explores another aspect of consciousness and the boundaries where our inner and outer worlds meet.



Language: English

Photography and Artwork: Joakim Eneroth

Foreword: Sun Yata

Graphic Design: Paula Gustafsson

No. of pages: 72

Format: 255 x 215 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: April 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-66-1

Retail price: 30 EUR



She has been on stage of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, spent time in Paris salons and was sought after by the paparazzis. But she also helped young scientists and artists early in their careers and was praised for her efforts in dyslexia and paediatric eye care research.


Meet Marianne Bernadotte, actress, philanthropist and humanist. And collector of outstanding haute couture – clothes that bear her timeless sense of style and insights on sustainability.


“This book covers Marianne Bernadotte’s life, work and great contributions – as well as her sense of style and interest in design and fashion manifested in the Millesgården exhibition of the most unique and, from an artistic perspective, most valuable pieces from her wardrobe..” – Carl Otto Werkelid



Language: Swedish/English

Text: Carl Otto Werkelid, Tina Magnergård Bjers, Onita Wass, Cay Bond

Photography: Yanan Li

Graphic design: Lars Fuhre, Baptiste Guesnon

No. of pages: 124

Format: 220 x 280 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: March 2017

ISBN: 978-91-87543-83-8

Retail price: 30 EUR



Ljusbacken was one of the leading communes in Sweden in the 1970s. It represented much of what came to be associated with the “hippie movement” and later the “prog movement.” Much of the most extreme phenomena in the movement resided here. Healing, primal scream therapy, yoga, meditation, drugs, sexual liberation were essentially important ingredients. In Ljusbacken, artist Joanna Lombard visits the mythical place of her childhood home, searching its surfaces for an answer to an unknown question. The book is the artist's journey of facing the memories and extracted stories that were generated during her childhood in the commune. Using contemporary photographs of the places where the stories unfolded a tension is created between the stories' time and space.


Language: English

Photography: Joanna Lombard

Graphic design: Rikard Heberling

Publication date: 16 December 2017

ISBN 978-91-87543-95-1



“Allborgarrätten” is a newly coined concept that promises to be the urban equivalent of the rural, traditional Swedish “allemans​rätten” – everyman’s right to roam freely in nature. The rural right is one most Swedes know by heart, even though they now live in cities. Through the Nordic lens, Rydén explores themes like the right to the city, national identity and connects it to a larger global discourse. Along with this verbal exploration Jan Rydén has created a series of pictograms, a pictorial grammar of sorts, which follows its own poetic logic.


Language: Swedish/English

Author: Jan Rydén

Graphic Design: Eva Lindeberg

No. of pages: 352

Format: 110 x 155 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: 9 December 2016

ISBN: 978-91-87543-97-5 

Retail price: 30 EUR



Hommage till ordbilden is, in many ways, a professional testament of Anders Hall. Words are paired, with and against each other, accompanied by quotes and longer texts to reveal Hall's deep and joyful interest in linguistic, typographic, and existential communication. Every page of the book designed by hand by Hall and the printed edition remains largely faithful to the 304-page handmade original. Hommage till ordbilden not only inspires a pure reading experience, but also acts as a swatch of hundred different fonts. In addition, the book presents five new poems by Eva Runefelt, a renowned Swedish novelist and poet. Anders Hall's Hommage till ordbilden is an exquisite and idiosyncratic example of a Swedish book design at its best.


Language: Swedish

Author/Designer: Anders Hall

Pages: 304

Format: 203 x 122 mm

Binding: Hårdband

Release date: 10 December 2016

ISBN: 978-91-87543-94-4

Ca-pris: 285 sek


Cobe: Our Urban Living Room is a careful examination of Copenhagen and the lives it contains. It is a look into Cobe's projects of the past ten years and it tells a story about Copenhagen's architectural development - and how this development affects the conditions of people's lives. Birthday party on Israel's Square, workplace at the local library or an afternoon in the sun on Queen Louise's Bridge. For Cobe, the city is our living room and we are increasingly moving our everyday activities into it, where we feel at home.  



Language: English

Graphic Design: Rama Studio

No. of pages: 488

Format: 190 x 240 mm

Binding: Softcover

Publication date: October 2016

ISBN: 978-91-87543-39-5

Retail price: 48 EUR


The project started as a reading circle where the artists Kristina Bength och Cecilia Darle, invited artists for a close reading of the literature by Georges Perec and in particular the novel Species of Spaces from 1974. The group’s point of departure is the writings of Perec, in which limitations and rules become a working method, hinting at an autobiographical latency. Filtered through memory’s associative thought processes, they describe spaces that are both fictitious and mythical and very real, in which the past is mirrored in the present, and vice versa.



Language: English/Swedish

Editors: Kristina Bength and Cecilia Darle

Graphic design: Jacob Grønbech Jensen

No. of pages: 160

Publication date: 29 September 2016

ISBN 978-91-87543-92-0

Retail price: 20 EUR


Barcode is one of Oslo’s, and even Norway’s, most important architectural and urban projects of recent years. This book documents how a highly original competition-winning master plan, conceived by MVRDV, A-LAB, and DARK, has contributed to the transformation of Bjørvika and the Oslo Fjord.


The author Hans Ibelings, architecture critic and lecturer, elucidates how the radical clarity of the master plan has provoked innovative architecture that mixes work, living, commercial, and leisure in a dense setting. With realizations by the three offices as well as by SJ arkitekter, Snøhetta, MAD arkitekter, and Lund Hagem, Barcode has become a showcase of 21st-century architecture. Richly illustrated with images, including a photo series exclusive to the book, Barcode – Instant City explores the transformation and the new burst of life at the border between the city and fjord.



Language: English

Author: Hans Ibelings

Text: Hans Ibelings, Erling Fossen, Aaron Betsky

Photo: Anne-Stine Johnsbråten, Ivan Brodey, 

Jiri Havran, et al.

Editor: Esther Whang

Graphic design: Dalston Creative

No. of pages: 272

Format: 220 x 240 mm

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Publication date: September 2016

ISBN 978-91-87543-17-3

Retail price: 48 EUR


Born in 1985 in Eksjö, Sweden, Nick Alm entered the Florence Academy of Art in 2007, where he also held a position as a teaching assistant. After graduation in 2010, the artist received a scholarship to join The Hudson River Fellowship to paint landscapes. The following year, he studied with Odd Nerdrum in Norway and France before moving back to Sweden.


With contributions from Odd Nerdrum, Jeffrey Carlson and Bengt Tornvall, this richly illustrated book is the first publication featuring a collection of works by Nick Alm. 



Language: English

Text: Odd Nerdrum, Jeffrey Carlson, Bengt Tornvall

Graphic design: Mansooreh Shahtalab

No. of pages: 120

Format: 245 x 225 mm

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Publication date: September 2016

ISBN 978-91-981741-1-3

Retail price: 34 EUR



With the dawn of 20th century, Rörstrand in Stockholm made its mark around the world with its art pottery. Amidst the emerging Art Nouveau movement, the renowned porcelain factory aimed to reach new technical and aesthetic heights. Several exclusive types of artware have long been forgotten and are presented here for the first time in modern history. Through thorough research into the archives, recipe books and collections, author Markus Dimdal has sought clues to how the objects came to be. The rich and beautifully illustrated presentations of the selected ceramic pieces are discussed in context of art history and international influences. Markus Dimdal's research spanning over a decade on this subject has culminated in Art Nouveau från Rörstrand, both a reference book and a future classic for anyone with interest in Swedish art and craft history.



Language: Swedish with English summary

Author: Markus Dimdal

Graphic Design: Maria Sånge

No. of pages: 416

Format: 190 x 240 mm

Binding: Hardcover

Publication date: September 2016

ISBN: 978-91-87543-53-1

Retail price: 52 EUR


Observatören is a new photography book by Emanuel Cederqvist. The photos were taken in Sarek National Park in northern Sweden, where it is usually described as Sweden's last wilderness. On a walk beyond the beaten path, it may take days before you meet someone.


At a plateau at 1830 metre altitude, just below Pårtetjåkkås peak, lies the weather station Cederqvist visited and photographed. The weather station was built by Axel Hamberg and was completed in 1914. During 1914-1918 the station was inhabited by two weather observers who performed precise measurements of the weather around the clock. In 1917, an accident occurred at the weather station in Pårtetjåkkå and one of the observers disappeared in a snowstorm. The accident remains a mystery, and the body was never recovered.  Because of the site inaccessible geographical position, the station and the abandoned measuring instruments remained untouched for over a hundred years. 


Humans have always tried to control and understand nature.Through this book, Cederqvist examines the gap between chance and the predictable, between the immeasurable and measurable.



Language: Swedish and English
No. of pages: 86
Format: 165 x 245 mm
Photography and text: Emanuel Cederqvist
Binding: Hardcover
Publication date: July 2016
ISBN: 978-91-87543-57-9
Retail price: 20 EURO



Stockholm’s Millesgården is one of the most exciting artist’s homes in the world. Building began in 1906 after Carl Milles, one of Sweden’s most prominent sculptors, and his wife Olga commissioned a home with studios on Herserud Cliff on the island of Lidingö. In 1936, the Milles couple donated their home to the Swedish people, and it has since turned into a renowned museum, boasting of a sculpture park by the water with meandering walkways, terraces and fountains. The award-winning addition of the art gallery in 1999 completed the artist’s grand vision and his lasting legacy. The rich history of the artist’s home is presented with contemporary photographs by Yanan Li, illustrating one of the jewels of Sweden.


Language: English
No. of pages: 216
Format: 248 x 272 mm
Photo: Yanan Li
Binding: Hardcover
Publication date: June 2016
ISBN: 978-91-87543-32-6
Retail price: 52 EURO

New Release! Letter to My Dear, by Lennert Grebelius

The nuclear waste we produce today has to be stored for 100,000 years before it becomes safe for people, animals and nature. That difficult to grasp timescale is the theme for the art project where the artist Lennart Grebelius brings the question of our moral responsibility to future generations to the fore. As a part of the project, the book is a letter to a child of a future generation where

the time span is made physically visible.


Lennart Grebelius, a philanthropist/businessman/artist, uses art to turn abstract ideas into tangible objects. With Letter to my dear, Grebelius takes on eternity. He asks a simple question that sheds light on a very real and very moral dilemma: What can we demand

of our children? And of their children?



Initiated by a group of designers, Omforma uses questionnaires, interviews, statistics, focus groups and workshops to reveal a picture of a sector marked by gender segregation, regimentation, and a power-elites. Issues of gender, ethnicity, age and class are sensitive to all parts of the industry that were examined: product designers, industrial designers, textile designers and furniture designers. The project and the book Omforma - nya strukturer för designbranschen caters to the entire design industry and all those affected by how the industry works by extension. In a world where design permeates our everyday experience, its framework has an impact on all our lives.




Language: Swedish

Author: Kerstin Sylwan

Design: Emilia Lundgren

Illustration: Karolina Westenhoff.

Pages: 128

Binding: Softcover

Format: 147 x 225 mm

ISBN 978-91-87543-51-7

Retail Price: 155 SEK